Saturday, January 18, 2020

2020 RSC January Green Blocks and Chicken Coop and Poultry Pen Update

It's a new Rainbow Scrap Challenge year with Angela at Soscrappy. Happily, January's color choice is GREEN! Pictured are the starts of four quilts. Two crayon blocks for two youth quilts. They are great for gifts or donation.  I made six 16-Patch blocks because I can never have too many 16-Patch blocks. They can be turned into quilts of all sizes, pot holders, mug rugs, etc. I started a pastel string block quilt. Pictured are two stacks, 48 blocks in all.

To see what others made with the color green, go here.

Finally, here is a picture of my 10 baby girls in their 8"x 8" poultry pen that protects them from flying and four legged predators. The pen is attached to a new coop. In the background sits the small coop they first used. A grandson wants to use it for some chicks he plans to buy this spring.

A picture of my new 8"x 10" coop made by local Amish. The metal rooster yard art was a gift from a son and his fiancee. The rooster makes me smile. A quilt block beside the door would be nice ....

A string of Christmas lights provide light 24/7 so they can see at night.

It has two places for the ladies to stand or sit on their feet at night and a window for light and ventilation. The front of the coop is storage area which will nice when I get it organized.
The coop is underpinned with wire. Don't want a predator to have and raise it's young under my coop! A small mesh wall under the coop allows the girls to use about half the area under the coop. They like to walk down the ramp from their coop into the poultry pen and then under the coop if it's raining or if they want some shade. They are allowed to free range an hour or so most every day while I'm outside with them. Again, sooooo many predators.
There's a lot to do outside. Preparations for a small garden is only one project. A big tree that fell last fall and a few trees that we downed that were leaning dangerously toward the house need to be cleaned up. The leaves with be future garden mulch. The wood will feed the fire pit this summer when we heat up hot dogs and toast marshmallows on sticks. But today, we are waiting for some snow.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

2019 RSC December Eye of God Quilt Finish, 49-Patch Quilt Finish, 16-Patch Quilt Finish, Doll Quilts

Lots of sewing happening since my last post. Been pulling RSC colorful blocks from my "construction box". It's a plastic tub I fill during the year with each month's blocks. The quilt pictured above was made with 16-Patch blocks. After a go in the washer and dryer it finished at 59"x 73". It went to a niece.

The quilt pictured above was made with 49-patch blocks. After a go in the washer and dryer it finished at 57" 80". It went to another niece.

This Eye of God block quilt was made from blocks made this year and last year. It went to yet another niece. Good year for some of my nieces. Not pictured is a second Eye of God block quilt that went to a granddaughter. I gave it to her before I remembered to take a picture. All the blocks for granddaughter's quilt were made this year and was much like the one pictured above. Both quilts finished at about 53.5" x 69".

I make RSC house blocks every year and have for years. Usually I use Bonnie Hunter's Happy House Block pattern found on her Quiltville blog under the free pattern tab. Pictured are two donation doll quilts made with eight blocks pulled from the construction box.

There's more in the construction box. Sprout blocks, house blocks, 64-patch blocks, 16-patch blocks, string blocks and plastic sandwich bags of colorful squares and rectangles sit ready to be turned into more RSC blocks and quilts during next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

2019 Quilt Show, Ebenezer Quilt, Doll Quilt

"Fractured Light" won a "Best Use of Color" ribbon from the quilt show judge during our annual September quilt show. It's currently hanging in the local Public Library. Looking at this colorful quilt makes me smile. Blocks for this quilt and two other quilts I entered this year were made during this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I loved this challenge hosted by Angela at Soscrappy.

"Sew Scrappy Rainbow" won a viewer's Third Place ribbon in small quilts division!
Because I worked most of the time during our quilt show, I had no time to take pictures.
It was a great show with beautiful quilts! A local TV show came and filmed most of Saturday during the quilt show.  They are preparing a segment that will air later this year. Our guild was surprised and thrilled to see them. We had record attendance and called the quilt show a big success. Big smiles every where.

I made two quilts for Ebenezer Children's Home. Forgot to take a picture of one of them. It was donated last month. The quilt pictured above will be donated this month.

A box of scraps made it into my possession. I turned a lot of the small squares from the box into a scrappy doll quilt. The back is from larger squares found in the box. I'll donate it this month.

I donated this doll quilt last month.
It has been a busy time since I last posted. I have a new chicken coop and hope to post pictures soon. I made some receiving blankets that were given away without pictures. I don't like to let that happen because my blog is a record of things I sew and I forget what I sew.

Friday, July 26, 2019

2019 RSC July Pink RSC "Fractured Light" String Block Quilt Finished

I continue to sew my RSC blocks together into quilts. This works for me because November and December are busy with Christmas sewing. Above is the quilt using RSC string blocks with one odd color string in each block. I'm calling it RSC Fractured Light. Fractured Light for short. It's quilted with a loose free motion meander and finished at 58" x 79". I like it.
To see what others made with scraps, go here Saturday morning.

Pictured are a few donation doll quilts that I turned in during a previous quilt guild meeting.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

2019 RSC July Pink, 2"x3.5" Piece RSC Quilt Finish, Growing Up Odd Quilt Finish

The RSC color this month is PINK. I like pink. Needing to start turning RSC accumulating blocks, into something, I pulled my blocks made with 2"x 3.5" pieces, make six  blocks with purple to make this RSC throw quilt that I call Sew Scrappy Rainbow. It's quilted with a meander and finished at about 54"x 72".

I also pulled my Growing Up Odd RSC blocks, make some additional blocks with other colors to finish this quilt I call Whimsically Growing Up Odd. It's quilted with a free motion meander and finished at about 64" x 82". The free pattern tutorial for this block is at
To see other RSC projects go to

The last three quilts I have made are wavy, not flat and don't hang nicely. Though I did a lot of pressing and measuring during construction, flat quilt tops didn't happen. Sewing and quilting tips would be appreciated. Question. Can a professional quilter with a quilting machine turn a quilt that doesn't lay flat into a flat quilt?

Saturday, June 8, 2019

2019 RSC June Blue Blocks, RSC Baby Quilt Finish, RSC Color Me Crayon Quilt Finish

Getting close to our Quilt Guild Annual Quilt Show in September and I need to finish some quilts to enter. I used a pattern, Color Me, by Emily Herrick Designs to make this crayon quilt. I had some crayon blocks made, but had to step up my RSC game to finish this RSC quilt early. It's quilted with a loose free motion meander. The binding is 8.5" pieces of fabric. After a go in the washer and dryer it finished at 47" x 61". A good size for a toddler or small child.

I love blue and have lots to play with this year. Pictured above is a Growing Up Odd block, eight 16-patch  blocks and ten string blocks. Each string block has an odd color string. The tutorial for Growing Up Odd blocks can be found here.

Picture are more blue blocks. Two 49-patch blocks, a crayon block, six blocks made from 2" x 3.5" pieces and six house blocks. To see what others made with BLUE, go here.

I pulled some 4-patch blocks from my RSC block collection for this baby quilt. It finished at about 39" square. I turned it in during our quilt meeting last week. If it doesn't sell in our Quilt Show's Boutique in September, it will be donated for charity.

Friday, May 24, 2019

2019 RSC May Orange Blocks, Baby Quilt, Doll Quilts

Lots of ORANGE RSC fun this month. Pictured above is a Growing Up Odd group of blocks, an Eye of God block, six orange house blocks, five blocks made with 2" x 3.5" pieces, a crayon block, ten string blocks and two pot holders.

More orange fun. Pictured are two 49-patch blocks and eight 16-patch blocks. Finished up two colorful doll quilts to donate at this month's quilt guild meeting.

There was some playing catch up with Turquoise blocks. I needed a turquoise Eye of God block and six house blocks. I cut some more 6.5" squares and made some 6.5" 4-patch blocks in orange and turquoise. Three pot holders made it into the picture. To see what others made with orange go here.

I needed a quick baby quilt for a gift. So I pulled 6.5" blocks cut for another project and sewed them together for this cute baby quilt.  It's quilted with a free motion meander and finished at about 44" x 52".
I love having blocks cut and made up in advance that can quickly and easily be turned into baby quilts.
Chicken Update!

The big girls.

And the little girls.
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