Saturday, July 9, 2016

2015 RSC June Pink and Green Week 2

This has been such a busy summer with not a lot of time for sewing, blogging or blog surfing. I finished some turquoise items and then moved forward with pink and green scraps. Pictured are two columns, turquoise stars and pink chevrons, for our RSC sew along column quilt. A pink boxy star, two 36-patch blocks and four 16-patch blocks made it into the picture. To see what other made with pink and green scraps, go here.

Pictured is a turquoise themed baby doll quilt and a couple turquoise 8"x 10" batik mug rugs.
RSC turquoise May was a FUN month. A RSC pink June is going to be FUN, too!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 RSC Aqua Turquoise Weeks 1-4, Laura Burch Cat Quilt and Media String Quilt Finishes

It's been a busy month. Though I like to post at least once a week, this month I'll only do one. Pictured is a doll quilt, a pot holder, two 36-patch blocks, a wonky star block, and a boxy square block in RSC aqua/turquoise.
Four QOV blocks and two pot holders in tan and pink print squares made it into the picture. They will be turned in during this month's quilt guild meeting this week.
To see what others made with their aqua/turquoise fabrics go here.
My plans are to do more RSC sewing this week as I didn't sew my aqua/turquoise RSC column, Another doll quilt,  pot holder and a couple mug rugs are on my sewing "to do" list this week.

This small quilt has been in the works for a few years. It's made with Laura Burch fabrics. The 12 cats were cut from a panel. Narrow strips of colorful fabric are around each cat. Finally the blocks are sashed with 2.5" strips. This quilt has not been in the washer and dryer. It finished at 38.5"x 54". Will be a gift.

This is a close up of string quilt that has been planned for a few years. Lots of movie and cartoon novelty prints here.

Above is a picture of the finished quilt. 1.5" string were sewed onto 7.75" pieces of phone book paper with a 2.0" string of Kona white in the centers of each square. The setting is 7x10 squares with a 4.5" blue border and green binding. It's quilted with a loose free motion meander with loop-de-loops here and there. After a go in the washer and dryer it finished at 55"x 76.5". This quilt shrunk big time while in the washer and dryer. Though I love this quilt, it will be a gift.

Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 RSC May Green Week 4

The last RSC week of playing with green scraps and I'll add two 7"x 10" batik mug rugs, a super scrappy hot pad, a green and blue 16-patch block and a green and blue 36-patch block to my collections. Looking forward to a new color. Can't believe it is almost JUNE! Where did the time go. To see what other made with their green scraps go here Saturday morning.

There is a picture showing progress made on my media themed string quilt. Only 19 string blocks left to make before I start sewing all my blocks together and adding a border. I would like to have this TVquilt finished in two or three weeks.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016 RSC May Green Week 3

This week I worked on a green RSC column of flying geese. All my other column blocks were loose so I sewed them together. I wanted to audition my colorful RSC columns. So far, looking good! To see what others made with their green prints, go here.

A grandson requested a string block quilt. Since his birthday is in August, I thought I'd start making blocks for a media themed quilt. I'm sewing colorful 1.5" strips of fabric on 7 3/4" square pieces of paper torn from a phone book. The centers are 2" strips of Kona White fabric. I using a lot of super hero, movie, cartoon and tv themed prints.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 RSC May Green Week 2

Another week playing with green and I'll add a doll quilt, a wonky star and a Boxy Star block to my collections. Four string QOV blocks made it into the picture. A few teeny tiny zipper purses were out the door before I thought to take a picture. I'll start making more for my Christmas gift collection. I'm working on a couple quilts I hope to have ready for pictures soon. To see what others made with their "greens" this week go here.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016 RSC May Green Week 1, Charity Baby Quilt and Charity Doll Quilt

I Love Green. Especially after a long winter time when trees have lost all their pretty green leaves. This week I pieced four 16-patch blocks, one 36-patch blocks and a super scrappy pot holder to add to my collections. To see what others made with their green scraps go here.

When one wants to make a fast and easy quilt, nothing works better than a panel. My sewing buddy, Laura, gave me a couple baby panels to turn into baby quilts earlier this year. The backing for this panel is a soft lemon yellow cotton. It's quilted with a large free motion meander and bound with a colorful striped print. It finished at 34.5" x 42". I'll take this little quilt to this month's annual guild meeting.

Little doll quilts are such fun to sew. Addictive! This little quilt finished at 21" square. I'll donate it later this year.

Friday, April 22, 2016

2016 RSC Orange and Black Week 4

Another week playing with orange scraps and I'll add two 16-patch blocks to my ongoing 16-patch block RSC collection. I'll also add a scrappy wonky star block to that block collection. Pulling from my small scraps, I pieced a super scrappy pot holder/hot pad. These are a lot of fun.
I pieced two orange and blue pot holders from gifted scraps. They will be donated to sell at our guild's annual quilt show boutique in September.
Four QOV blocks made it into the picture. Our guild turns these blocks into Home Town Hero quilts.
To see what others made with their scraps this week, go here Saturday morning.

I added three rows of dancing nines to this quilt in progress. It was meant to be a second H2H quilt, but it won't be ready in time. It needs at least three more rows and a border or two, a pieced backing, quilting, binding ... I'll finish it later this year. I have one H2H quilt finished and ready to donate so all is good.
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