Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Plastic Plate to Cover the Feed Dogs

It took a while, but Quick Strippie is quilted after I viewed some YouTube quilting videos, read some blogs about free motion quilting and PRACTICED.

The real breakthrough came when I realized my sewing machine's feed dogs were working against me. Lucky ME. A part that covers the feed dogs came with my machine. I didn't know what the part was for ... until now. Many, many thanks to retromummy from Australia. It was her free motion video and blogspot that made me realize my problem was the feed dogs.

The rubber gloves you see in the picture above were a huge help! I noticed quilters in videos wearing gloves. I used what I had but I'll buy a pair of cloth gloves with rubber treads/grips on the fingers when I get a chance. lol.

I'll bind and wash Quick Strippie tonight.


Theresa said...

Hurray! Good for you! You did it! You are helping me to try again. I have that older machine that has no cover for the grabby pups! I have quilted lots of quilts, but not with free motion. I just need the courage to try again. Thanks!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Funny when the light goes off over our heads! An alternative for older machines that don't drop the feed dogs is to cover them with a piece of card stock (just tape it down leaving a hole for your needle). I have a pair of gardener's gloves that have the stickies on the fingers ($ store). You are on a whirl not girl! I haven't done this pattern yet, but have the fabrics pulled. Thanks for the site.

Barb said...

Oh...I need to get some of those gloves, I am doing free motion and I have a hard time griping the fabrics.

Mary said...

How pretty, I designed the Quick Strippie when I got my longarm and was learning to quilt on it. I didn't like practicing on muslin and these were quick to piece and I could practice different size quilting designs on them and then donate them.

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