Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Donation Quilts For Kids

It's been a wonderful, busy week with family. Not enough time to sew or post until today.
Last week I turned in 3 donation quilts for kids at the Wilkes County Quilters guild meeting. I made the baby quilt on the far left. My friend Sharon Vrooman made and donated the other two children's quilts. The middle quilt is an awesome "Lorax" quilt, ideal for a little boy. The quilt on the far right is so sweet, "Little Girls in Bonnets". There were many oohs, nods and smiles at these quilts.. Thank you, Sharon. You are a talented, generous and a tireless advocate for children's quilts. We can only imagine how many wonderful warm, comforting memories are created by quilts made and donated to children's quilt programs everywhere  : )


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Don't they look so fun there! Thank you sweetie, for an opportunity to help out and for deliverying the quilts. I got a lovely thank you card from the guild.

donna said...

The quilts a gorgeous. You ladies are so sweet to do that for a children's cause.

Terri said...

3 lovely quilts for kids. Lots of fun memories for them to cherish.
Good going, Ladies.

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