Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tori and Hannah Sew Christmas

This weekend Tori and Hannah sewed Christmas pot holders.
The first picture is the fronts and the second picture is the backs of the two pot holders Tori made Saturday. To make each pot holder, she stacked two squares of Christmas themed fabric right sides together with a piece of special pot holder/hot pad batting on top. Between the Christmas fabrics she placed a loop of braided red yarn she made from 3 single pieces of yarn. Then Tori stitched around the edges using a quarter seam allowance leaving a few inches open to turn the right sides of the Christmas fabrics out. She finished each with top stitching half an inch from the edges. Snow men, penguins, candy and Christmas red polka dots. Aren't they cute!
Tori is 10 and sits on the edge of a chair so she can press the sewing machine petal.
Hannah made her post holders like mini quilts. For the backs of the pot holders, she sewed strips horizontally directly onto special pot holder batting using a quilt as you go method. Then she sewed strips diagonally on the front, quilt as you go method. She bound them like mini quilts. One loop was attached with a button Tori chose from the button bag for older sister Hannah. The other loop was attached with sewing machine stitches.
Hannah carefully arranged Christmas themed strips and scraps to make her pot holders. Aren't they lovely.
I'm very proud that Tori and Hannah like to sew and quilt.
One day last week I got a package in the mail from my friend in California. She sent me a beautifully wrapped quilt calendar for Christmas! It has pictures and patterns for 13 lovely quilts. I want to make all of them, especially the one on the front of the calendar! It's funny, but I had hoped someone would give me a quilt calendar for Christmas. She read my mind : )


Vroomans' Quilts said...

It's great that you get to share with them, can't wait for mine to be old enough.

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

Yes, they are so cute. Great memory making, Grandma. Love it!

Cyn said...

Fabulous to pass the quiltmaking bug to the next generation. The girls did wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pics. Pretty potholders.

Marina said...

Sheila, this potholders make a beautiful tree decoration as much as a great gift. I printed your tutorial you posted some time ago, and can't thank you enough!

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