Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blocks and Strips

I plan to make 3 blocks, 10 1/2" square, a month in the month's chosen rainbow color. By the end of the year I should have 36 blocks. When possible, I'll save 2 1/2" strips of fabrics like I used in the blocks to make a rainbow "strip quilt" like the quilt made in the Jelly Roll Challenge YouTube video. That way I'll have two rainbow quilts by the end of the year.
I realize this is a scrap challenge, but I don't have a lot of scraps. No RED scraps at all. I make pot holders and quilts with my scraps. I do have several pieces of fabric that are less that a yard in size and many fat quarters. I want to make these quilts from my stash as well as scraps.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dreamy Blue Quick Strippie

Mother and I finished working on Sonya's small quilt. She loved it.
Made pillowcases with some of Marvel Comics fabric. They were a hit. The Super Hero quilt was a big hit, too. Actually the backing made with Marvel Comics fabric was a big hit. Oh Well.... Who would have thought....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dylan's Quilt

Dylan's Super Hero quilt is done. Happy Dance! I used the Heart Strings Square instructions posted on Mary Johnson's website.
I pressed the seams open, free motion quilted all of the quilt with gray thread and used a number 10 embroidery needle with 5 threads of floss to tie the squares where they met. I avoided these thick parts when I did the fmq with my domestic sewing machine because I was afraid I might break the needle.
I didn't have enough red with white polka dots for the binding. Rats. But I did have enough strips with polka dots in my fabric stash. Polka dots and strips ... what's not to love.
Hope Dylan likes his quilt :D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mother's Dreamy Blue Quick Strippie

Mother's latest quilt project, a dreamy blue fabric theme using the Quick Strippie quilt pattern by Mary Johnson. It is lovely. The top is laying slightly on top of the pieced backing in the picture. Mother chose the fabrics and pieced the top. It's for one of her granddaughters. Can't wait to show a picture of it after I finish the quilting and binding.
It's raining today. Cathy is coming over later. We want to sandwich her strip quilt top and make some pot holders/hot pads. Good day for some hot chocolate, too :D

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cathy's First Quilt

Cathy and I worked together for two years at a county Health Department many, many years ago. She moved away to take a job in another county. Over the years we stayed in touch. Then I moved and now WE live in the same county!
We got together for lunch during the Christmas holidays. Her children are now grown, her husband has a hobby making things out of wood and Cathy wants to learn how to make quilts. Yah!
She brought her sewing machine over to the house and we talked about quilting fabrics, sewing machines, quilting supplies and we SEWED. After only three sewing sessions, this is a picture of Cathy and her first quilt, a 51" x 70" scrap strip quilt with two borders. It's bright, colorful and makes you smile. She did good! I'm so proud :D
After Cathy pieces the backing, we'll make a quilt sandwich ready for quilting and binding.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hannah's Quilt

This is my granddaughter's first quilt. Made it herself. She is a teen and loves the colors! Said it is going to college with her. I am very proud of her :D
She used Mary Johnson's Quick Strippie pattern but made it longer.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Symphony of Blues

While mulling over how to proceed with quilting and binding the last quilt top, I decided to sew up 2 packages of 2 1/2" strips from Connecting Thread called Symphony of Blues. A former co-worker, Cathy, and I have decided we would start getting together and make some quilts. She has the quilting bug. We started sewing a couple weeks ago. I gave her some 2 1/2" strips to start a lap quilt the first week. The next week we got together she gave me 2 packs or 43 strips of lovely Symphony of Blues fabrics. Yes. Connecting Threads accidentally put 22 strips in one of the packs. I had been planning to buy these strips but though they would not be available until the 10'th.
I cut them roughly in half, mixed them up, sewed them end to end to made a long string, cut off about 12", tossed it away, and then proceeded to do the famous jelly roll race quilt. The lady in the YouTube video gets her top finished in about 35 minutes. Took me a couple days! I love it. The shades of blue look better than the picture. This one is a keeper.
Now I'll finish sewing the last quilt top I made a couple post ago while I mull over the borders, backing and binding for my lovely Blue Symphony quilt.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fractured Wrist Surgery Update

I fractured my wrist during a motorcycle accident last fall. It was the last day of a week vacation. Went down in a curve after riding over a black walnut in the road. They are about the size of tennis balls. Missed them with my front tire, got one with my back tire. I digress.
The orthopedic surgeon installed a metal plate and 8 screws. The scar is 3 1/2 inches long, about the length of the plate. It looked like an angry scar at first, but it is fading to a line. That's why I didn't post a picture until now. Physical therapy ended a couple weeks ago and the doctor released me last week. Said it looked good but I should give it time to grow strong. Doesn't want me to fall on it again. Me either :D
I think my wrist is doing nicely. I can do most anything with it. I'm sewing and quilting. It's a little weak, but growing stronger every week. I'm happy.
I HAD two older motorcycles and one a couple years old. I've sold two, still have the oldest one, but I plan to sell it soon. Needs a part. It was hard to see them go, but so was the surgery and physical therapy. The broken ankle from 2009 wasn't fun either. Time to let this two wheel hobby go.
Looking at a three wheeled Schwinn bicycle, WalMart sells them. And a CanAm three wheel motorcycle. They are made in Canada and sold locally. This is going to be a good year :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Strip Quilt Top Audition

I finished piecing this top yesterday. Grandson wanted this Marvel Comics fabric in his quilt. I'm thinking I'll use it for the quilt's back. Might do a dark blue binding or continue looking through my stash for something different or go with the same blue as in the block centers. Or red with white polka dots. Must think about this ....

The last picture was added after Sharon V suggested dots or strips. Both are better than the dark blue. I'm think red with white dots.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I Love Rainbow Quilts!
Scraphappy's blog, SOSCRAPPY, at
is doing a 2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. You can see Angela's button on my blog. The guidelines seem flexible so I though I'd give it a try. January is RED. Since I have no red scraps, I pulled some red fabric from my stash. (Not a lot of red to chose from, but I'd like to do this challenge from scraps and stash.) I cut 2 1/2" wide strips and made three blocks. I will be trying to make three 8 1/2" square blocks each month, but they are probably going to be closer to 8" square blocks. At this point, I'm not going to trim them to any size. I'll trim them up in December. I'm also saving 2 1/2" scrap strips of the fabric I'm using when I have them. I'd like to have the option of making a rainbow jelly roll challenge quilt in December. If I can keep up I may have pictures of two rainbow quilts to post at the end of the year :D
Regardless, I'm learning and having a GOOD TIME.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Working on a Scrap Strip Quilt

This is my first attempt at a heart strings strip quilt. I read the instructions on Mary Johnson's blog, I sewed strips of fabric on 10" squares of muslin, then trimmed them to 9 1/2" blocks. Notice Batman, Spiderman and Superman strips? No pink or purple fabrics. This quilt is for a grandson when finished. The little white spots you see on each square has two numbers indicating row number and position in that row. I got the idea from someone in blogland. I hope they help me over come my senior moments allowing me to sew the 30 blocks together in the correct order.

Made these last minute Christmas gifts, pillow cases, a few days before Christmas.
I can't wait to try some blocks from the first Scrap Sew Along. Maybe I can raid my scrap box and sew some picnic quilt blocks together this weekend :D

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sew Scraps Along

2012 Sew Scraps Along
I love scrap quilts, so I think this will be fun!
Pleasant Home is planning a month of quilt ideas designed to use up scraps!
I know I'll be visiting this website daily. Maybe you would like to check it out, too.
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