Wednesday, January 30, 2019

2019 RSC January Red Week 4, Sprouts, Houses, Sampler Blocks, Tiny Coin Purses, Growing Up Odd, Hot Pad

Several RSC participants are sewing up sprout blocks. So I had to give them a try, too. This is going to be interesting.

Last year I made and donated a baby quilt using "Growing Up Odd" blocks. The blocks were made with all colors of little squares. This year I thought I'd made the blocks in each month's RSC color.
It's true I love house block quilts and I make house blocks most every year. Last year I made only a few. This year I want to make more, enough for a quilt. The red house I made last year is in a row by itself, the other five I made this week.

The 2019 RSC Sampler looks like fun and I'm all in with five sampler blocks. (Fudged on the bow tie block pattern.) Started my Christmas sewing with three tiny coin purses and second hot pad, this one 8.5" square.
Last year December was super busy with last minute sewing. Pillow cases, tote bags, coin purses, hot pads/pot holders, knitted dishcloths. Think I'll try to make a few things each month so December won't be so stressful.
To see what others made with red fabric, go here.

From time to time I get comments about my large variety of scraps. True, I have a lot of scraps. Also, my stash is very scrappy. I buy a lot of fat quarters, small cuts, end of bolt pieces in clearance bins, bags of scraps at quilt shows, etc. I look at all of it as fair game for my RSC blocks, totes, pillowcases, hot pads, small purses, whatever. I save scraps 1.5" square and larger as well as strings 1.25 and wider.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 RSC January Red Week 3, String Blocks, Charity Baby Quilt, Doll Quilt, Hot Pad

Proof I'm having lots of fun with RED. Last year I accidentally made my Eye of God blocks in two sizes. Half of my blocks were a little larger that the other half. Now I'm working to make blocks to finish up two Eye of God quilts this year. Not a problem as both quilts have been spoken for.  Pictured is a red Eye of God blocks, ten string blocks and five blocks made with 2"x 3.5" rectangles. One super scrappy hot pad make it into the picture.
A word about the ten string blocks. Each block has a string that is a color different than red. This idea I stole from another RSC participant, Janine Marie at Quilts From the Little House found here  Thank you Janine. Not sure what I'm going to do with them, but they are fun to sew. Besides, I love to have stacks of blocks near the end of the year to pull and make quilts of different sizes.
To see what others made with red, go here.

I pulled nine blocks from my orphan block collection to make the charity baby quilt pictured above.

And another doll quilt. Both the baby quilt and the doll quilt were donated during my quilt guild's January meeting.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2019 RSC January Week 1 RED, New RSC Projects, Christmas Gifts,Totes, Pillowcases, Doll Quilts

The first week of our 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I'm happy to see Angela has chosen the color RED! I have so many ideas, all stolen from RSC participant Saturday link ups. Pictured are two 49-Patch blocks and eight 16-Patch blocks. The 2019 RSC Tuesday Sampler looks like FUN so, yes, I'll be playing along. To see what others made with RED fabric, go here.

Oh my. December was filled with lots of Christmas sewing. Some things went out the door before I took a picture. Any hoo. Pictured are three 18" totes made from Laura Burch fabric.

I made several media totes for gifts. Media as in Movie and cartoon prints.

Another large media tote, three pillows made with Laura Burch fabric and Avengers fabric. Five Tiny Tiny Coin Purses. Tutorial here..

Finally, a couple charity doll quilts. I hope to continue sewing and donating a two doll quilts a month this year.
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