Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 RSC September Orange Week 4 and Barn Quilt Picture

After playing with orange scraps this week I'll add five 5.5" Cocoa Mugs and four triangles to my collections. Three crochet spiral made it into the picture. They are fun, addictive.
To see what others made with their orange scraps this week go here.

I asked my brother and his GF to hold up my quilt of 12 Barn Quilts for a picture. It's 69" x 91", a generous twin size. The quilt barn blocks were made during Lori Holt's recent Barn Along. The tutorial for the barn is on her blog called BEE IN MY BONNET. The link to the barn tutorial post entry is here.
After I pieced the barn blocks, I sashed each barn with narrow strips of white fabric, then narrow strips of a black/white/gray fabric, then 2.5" strips of color. After sewing the blocks together, I added a bright yellow border. The quilt blocks in each barn are 6.5" square. One could use their favorite 6.5" quilt blocks in the individual barns. So many possibilities. The quilt pictured is made with twelve barns. Four barns could make a baby quilt. Six barns could make a lap quilt. The barn blocks can be sashed several ways. Borders on the quilt or not. Again, many possibilities.

Friday, September 26, 2014

100 Quilts For Kids 2014

100 Quilts for Kids is an annual charity quilt drive to encourage quilters to make a quilt and donate it to a child in need. Linked up quilts will be entered for fabulous prizes. Heather at "Quilts In The Queue" is hosting the Link Up Party that is open until September 30th. First you make a quilt and donate it for a child in need. Then you link up a picture of the finished quilt and tell here it was donated. Each quilt linked up will be one chance to win some fabulous prizes.

I delivered this 40" x 40" charity baby quilt to the Wilkes Quilters' March meeting to be given to a needy mother and her new baby at the local county hospital.

This 41.5" x 51.5" child quilt was donated to Quilts of Compassion during the 2014 Hands to Help Quilt Drive hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

I delivered this finished 48" x 57.5" child sized charity quilt to the Wilkes Quilters' May meeting to be given to a child at the Ebenezer's Children's Home in Wilkes County.

I delivered this finished 38.5" square baby quilt to the Wilkes Quilters' August meeting to be given to a needy mother and new baby at the local county hospital.

I am linking up these quilts on Heather's blog, Quilts in the Queue's, 100 Quilts For Kids 2014 post found here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 RSC September Orange Week 3, Donation Baby Quilt, 8.5" Block Quilt Top

After week three of September's Orange RSC, I'll add a 6.5" sampler block to my collection. I love this block and can imagine a quilt of them. I made my orange kitten blocks earlier and pieced them into my kitten quilt that I finished earlier. Some crochet spiral scrubbies made it into the picture. They are fun to crochet. Addictive.
To see what others made with their orange scraps, go here Saturday morning.

My 8.5" RSC blocks, ten blocks from last year's challenge and thirty-eight blocks from this year's challenge, are sashed with white strips. I added an inner border of 2.5" squares and a 4" green outer border. The backing is pieced and ready to be sandwiched with batting and the quilt top to be pin basted and quilted. The top is 72.5" x 89.5". It will be interesting to see how much it shrinks during the quilting and a go in the washer and dryer. I'm very pleased with this RSC project. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

A dear friend sent me this sweet Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby panel earlier this year. I forget how easily and quickly it is to turn a panel into a wonderful little baby quilt.

The bear in the panel is wearing a pink dress, my clue that this should be a baby girl quilt. I found a piece of novelty fabric in my scraps with little bears wearing pink dresses. A couple pieces of pink vine print on either side made a fun backing. It's sandwiched with some White and Natural cotton batting. After a loose free motion meander quilting, a light blue and white star print binding, and a go in the washer and dryer this sweet little donation quilt finished at 33.5" x 39.5". I'll take it to next weeks quilt guild meeting. They will love it.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 RSC September Orange Week 2, Barn Quilt Finished

After week 2 of September's RSC, I'll add a hot pad/pot holder made with the two 8.5" orange blocks I made last year and three cute 6.5" sampler blocks to my collections. Three crochet spiral scrubbies made it into the picture. They were made using a YouTube video. There are several video clips that show how to crochet them as well as other cool projects.
To see what others made with their orange scraps, go here.

After making my orange 8.5" blocks last week, I counted my completed 8.5" blocks. I needed 48 blocks for a a small quilt. Counting the ten RSC blocks left from last year and 35 RSC blocks I had made this year, I was close. Only needed three more blocks. So I made one block with brown scraps and two blocks with black/white scraps. After randomizing the 48 colorful blocks, I sashed them with 1.5" strips of Kona White fabric because I didn't want to deal with all those seams..I added a 2.5" inner border and started an outer border of 2.5" squares. Hopefully I'll have this top quilt finished and quilted in a few weeks.

My barn quilt is finished. It's quilted with a loose free motion meander. The binding is strips of red fabrics. After a go in the washer and dryer, it finished at 91"x 69". Too large for my mother to hold up for a picture. I was surprised how the yellow outer border and red binding set off this fun quilt.

Here are a couple close ups, one of the upper right corner and one of the upper left corners. The 12 barns have large quilt blocks on them and playful kittens and horses that live in them.
This was a recent Lori Holt online Quilt Along. You can find Lori Holt at her BEE IN MY BONNET blog.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 Wilkes Quilt Show, Won Three Ribbons!

It was a wonderful weekend for me at the Wilkes Quilters 2014 Annual Quilt Show. Two of my three entries won a total of three ribbons. My BEE HAPPY Quilt won "Best Machine Quilting" from the Quilt Judge. I used a loose free motion meander with some loop de loops here and there.
Happy dance here. BEE HAPPY is a pattern by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet.

Those attending the quilt show were given a ballot to vote for their favorite quilt in each category. The BEE HAPPY quilt won a Third Place ribbon. More happy dancing.

My Bonnie Hunter 2013/2014 Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt won a Blue Ribbon! Wild happy dancing here.

Close up of Blue Ribbon. A lady from the Wilkes County Public Library took it with her to display in the Library for a month. I'm so honored.

A batik wall hanging, Full House made with a Schnibbles Pattern, was my third entry. It didn't win, but several people liked it and asked about the pattern.
It was a most excellent day for me. I was pleased with how well my bright, colorful entries did this year.

Friday, September 5, 2014

2014 RSC September, Orange, Week 1, Wishes Sew Along Progress, Barn Quilt Top

Angela choose orange for September's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color. I love orange and will add the four 8.5" blocks in the picture to my collection. To see what other made with orange this week, go here Saturday morning.

Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop Blog has posted instructions for 9 of the 12 blocks in the Wishes Sew Along. Pictured are my 9 blocks sashed. Time flies.

This is my second go at this quilt top of barn blocks made with Lori Holt's blog barn pattern during her barn along. Earlier this year I sewed my blocks together into a quilt top pictured in this post. The top was pretty, but didn't have enough color for me. So this week I cut the quilt apart and had another go at it, this time adding strips of colorful fabric sashing as Lori suggested in her Quilty Barn Quilt top block assembly instructions. I opted to add a yellow border. It's a happy looking quilt now. In this picture I had just sandwiched my reworked quilt top with a backing and White and Natural cotton batting. It's basted with safety pins. I've started quilting it with a loose free motion meander. Maybe I'll have this generous twin sized quilt finished by next weekend.
It's been a busy week getting ready for my quilt guild's annual quilt show this weekend. I entered two quilts and a wall hanging. Hanging Sleeves and labels had to be sewed on by hand, a slow process for me. I'll post quilt show pictures next week.
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