Saturday, June 8, 2019

2019 RSC June Blue Blocks, RSC Baby Quilt Finish, RSC Color Me Crayon Quilt Finish

Getting close to our Quilt Guild Annual Quilt Show in September and I need to finish some quilts to enter. I used a pattern, Color Me, by Emily Herrick Designs to make this crayon quilt. I had some crayon blocks made, but had to step up my RSC game to finish this RSC quilt early. It's quilted with a loose free motion meander. The binding is 8.5" pieces of fabric. After a go in the washer and dryer it finished at 47" x 61". A good size for a toddler or small child.

I love blue and have lots to play with this year. Pictured above is a Growing Up Odd block, eight 16-patch  blocks and ten string blocks. Each string block has an odd color string. The tutorial for Growing Up Odd blocks can be found here.

Picture are more blue blocks. Two 49-patch blocks, a crayon block, six blocks made from 2" x 3.5" pieces and six house blocks. To see what others made with BLUE, go here.

I pulled some 4-patch blocks from my RSC block collection for this baby quilt. It finished at about 39" square. I turned it in during our quilt meeting last week. If it doesn't sell in our Quilt Show's Boutique in September, it will be donated for charity.

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