Monday, March 18, 2019

2019 March Green Week 3, String Blocks, Doll Quilts, Chicken Coop

Pictured are ten green string blocks and two doll quilts that I will donate this month. To see what others made with green goodness, go here. Love making string block quilts.

Something new. A little chicken coop! Getting a home ready for some laying hens. Hope to post a picture of some little chicks next week. Haven't bought them yet.....

Got away for a few days. Most excellent view. Good place relax and do some knitting.

Friday, March 8, 2019

2019 RSC March Green Week 1, Lots of Green Blocks

Cold temps are back with some blowing snow. Feels like March.
March is the color GREEN and I love, love, love Green. Pictured are two 49-Patch blocks, five blocks using 2"x 3.5" pieces, eight 16" blocks and a hot pad.

Pictured about are six house blocks. One was from last year. Also a Growing Up Off group, part of a crayon block and 6.5" squares and 4-patch  blocks for a scrap quilt.
To see what others made with green, go here Saturday morning.

Friday, March 1, 2019

2019 RSC February Yellow, Sprouts, Houses, Sampler Blocks, Assorted Yellow Blocks, Coin Purses, Hot Pad, Baby Quilt, Doll Quilts

I finished up some February Yellow blocks for the RSC today. Pictured are six house blocks. One was a carry over from last year's RSC. Five blocks made with 2"x 3.5" pieces, two 49-patch blocks and a yellow Growing Up Odd are  also in the picture.

Pictured above are eight yellow sprouts and some yellow RSC sampler blocks. Academic Quilter did a wonderful tutorial for a flower block. It was awesome. However, lazy me opted out for a square of yellow with a flower print. I'm still thinking about the applique peel block. My bad.
To see what others made with yellow, go here.

This is a picture of charity baby quilt I donated last week during our monthly quilt meeting. It was about 39" square.

This is the back of the quilt. This makes three baby quilts I have made using blocks and fabric I had bought for a large quilt. Often I start with an idea to make a large quilt and opt the blocks and fabric for baby quilts.

I donated these two doll quilts last week.
During this year I have decided to make small items for Christmas gifts. The coin purses, hot pad and knitted dishcloth will be added to my Christmas gift box.
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