Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 RSC December Turquoise Week 3, Two Totes Made From Deconstructed Men's Shirts

It's been a busy two weeks since my last post. Christmas sewing, totes, tiny zipper pouches, receiving blanket. My back was out about a week. Thankfully it returned. Lol. I have four turquoise occupied happy scrappy houses to add to my collection.
To see what others made with their RSC scraps go here Saturday morning.

I made another Everything Bag using deconstructed men's shirts. A piece of thin interfacing in the side pockets give them some body. Narrow pieces of batting in the handles give them body, too. This tote will be a gift. So far, I've made four Everything Bags. It's not a difficult pattern and people seem to love them. I'll probably make more.

I've made three of these small totes using 1.5" strips of deconstructed men's shirts. I sewed 14 strips onto batting. The strips were about 14" long. The handles were made from lengths of fabric 6" wide with a narrow piece of batting inside to give them body. I have pillowcases to sew and I'll be done.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas : )

Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 RSC December Turquoise Week 1, "Let's Book It" Star Gazing Quilt Progress

Difficult to believe that it's December. It's time to finish up RSC projects we have been working on each month this year. I've already turned most of my RSC blocks into hot pads/pot holders, mug rugs and small quilts this year. I started sewing four 16-patch blocks and four Occupied Happy Scrappy House blocks each month in the middle of this RSC year. I'll continue sewing both blocks during next year's RSC year as well as turning my small scraps into supper scrappy hot pads and mug rugs. Angela is planning a RSC row sew along quilt next year. Because I LOVE row quilts, I plan to sew along with her and my RSC friends to make a rainbow row quilt.
During this RSC year I missed playing with my collection of turquoise scraps so I'll be playing with them this month. Today I'll add four 16-patch turquoise blocks and a supper scrappy turquoise hot pad to my collections. A cotton knitted dishcloth made it into the picture. To see what others made with their RSC scrappy blocks this week, go here Saturday morning.

I've been working on my November Let's Book It Project this week. I'm using a pattern from a pattern book by Bonnie Hunter that I've had for 4 years. The quilt pattern is called "Star Gazing" and is in her book called "Scraps and Shirttails". I'll be using mostly deconstructed men's shirts and some woven fabrics to make this quilt. As it's a large quilt, I'll be working on it for several months. I'm linking this post with Sharon Vrooman's "Let's Book It" blog post. Sharon plans to continue this monthly challenge into next year. Because of this challenge, I've made some wonderful quilts and totes from patterns I've saved for a long time. Check out this challenge and consider sewing along with us next years. We link up each month.
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