Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 RSC July Red Week 4, A RSC Quilt Top

This is not a very good picture of my finished quilt top, but it's ready batting for a backing. I started making these 8.5" blocks midway through last year's RSC and needed 48 for a nice little quilt. The blocks are sashed with Kona white 2" strips and 2" cornerstone squares. The 3" green border pulls together and calms the scrappy blocks. I have a yellow print for the backing. Hopefully I'll quilt and bind this quilt top this week and post pictures of the finished quilt next week. I also have a few red project in progress that I'll finish and show next week, too.
To see what others made with their red scraps, go here Saturday morning.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 RSC July Red Week 3, Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouches, Peanut Dolls

Every month I make some 8.5" blocks in that RSC month's color. Earlier this month I made there red ones and this week I make three red, white and blue ones to add my collection. I have some 8.5" blocks that I made and didn't use last year. Those blocks and the 8.5" blocks I've made this year should be enough to made a quilt top that I can start putting together this week. The two scrappy string blocks in the picture will become a pot holder this week. A dark red cotton knitted dishcloth made it into the picture.

Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouches make nice little gifts. I try to have some on hand for quick gifts at all times. Because I had only one left, it seemed a good time to stock up. Most of the pouches in the picture are made from scraps of Marvel fabric. All of them have red in them so I felt they fit nicely into this RSC red theme month. The Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouch YouTube video tutorial is here. They are fun to sew.

I've wanted to make some Peanut Dolls ever since I saw this tutorial. I didn't have felt for the faces and used some light green quilting cotton instead. When I cut the circles for the faces, I cut two circles for each face and cut them a little larger than the pattern piece to allow for a seam. With the right sides together, I sewed a quarter inch seam around the circle, cut a small slit in the back and turned the circle right side out. I did the same for the hair. After I embroidered eyes and smiles, I stitched the faces onto body pieces and finished the dolls like the tutorial suggested. They finish at about 8.5" long.
I understand that peanut dolls are nice for babies and toddlers to cuddle. In this tutorial they are called Hospital Peanut Dolls. I'm taking these two dolls to quilt guild meeting for their thoughts. I feel the dolls will hold together after a go in the washer and dryer. I think the dolls are super cute and wonder if a baby or toddler would like to cuddle these.
This, my weekly post, is a little late. It's been a busy week, cutting scraps into usable units, cutting tumblers, organizing my sewing area, life, To see what others made with their red scraps this week, go here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

2015 RSC July Red Week 2, a Reversible Tote and a Zipper Pouch Wristlet

July's RSC color is red. Clearly the tote and wristlet pictured is PINK and PURPLE. This week I made and turned two blocks made with red crumbs into a red pot holder. That red pot holder was in a group picture I posted Wednesday when I blogged my RSC mid-year progress. Oh my! It was fun visiting everyone's mid-year progress blog posts when we linked up on SoScrappy's Mid-Year Progress post Wednesday. So many great colorful projects in progress this year. I was both impressed and inspired.
Still, I wanted to post and link up something Saturday. The child tote and zipper pouch wristlet in the picture was made this week with a fat quarter of cute novelty fabric gift from a fellow blogger. The tote was made with two 10" x 11" pieces of novelty print, two 10" x 11" pieces of lining fabric, two 10" x 11" pieces of fusible fleece, two 4" x 22" pieces of fabric for the handles, two 1" x 22" pieces of fleece" for the handles, a 2.5" x 8" piece of fabric for a button loop and a couple pink flower buttons. The tote is reversible so I sewed a button on the inside as well as the outside. I cut 1 1/8" squares from the bottom corners of each piece of novelty print, lining, and fleece to square the bottom of the tote.
The zipper pouch wristlet was made using this YouTube video clip. I used the measurements in the video. I added fusible fleece on the backs of the novelty print pieces and a 1" x 12" piece of fleece inside the wristlet fabric. The fleece made it more difficult to sew, but it gave the pouch more body and structure.
The tote and the wristlet will be donated to go in our guild's Boutique open during our annual quilt show. Money raised in the Boutique will go toward supplies to make charity quilts.
To see what others made with red scraps this week, go here Saturday morning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 RSC Mid-Year Progress

This year I'm making an effort to use up those scrappy bits of fabric, crumbs and trimmings, that have collected in the bottoms of my scrap boxes through the years. This picture of pot holder/hot pads made with crumbs is incomplete as I've given some of them away and some were donated to sale in our guild's Boutique during our annual quilt show in September.
Five scrappy batik mug rugs are pictured in the bottom row. Again, that collection is incomplete as I've given some of them away.

I need twelve of these 12.5" blocks to make a small quilt.

Some of the 8.5" blocks in the picture were left over from last year. I need 48 blocks to sash for a quilt. Or I could pull fewer blocks for small donation quilts. A stack of colorful 8.5" blocks is most versatile.
Earlier this year, I turned my collection of RSC cocoa mug blocks into a quilt. I also turned my collection of  RSC 5" tumblers cut from scraps during 2013 into a quilt.
To see the mid-year progress of others, go here.
Thank you, Angela, for hosting the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

These four 8.5" red, white and blue blocks are ready to turn in during our guild's July meeting.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 RSC July Red Week 1 and Two "Super Females" Reversable Tote Bags

I love RED. This RSC month is going to be fun. I'll add one 12.5" block and three 8.5" blocks to my collections. I'll post some mid-year progress pictures next week. To see what others made with their red scraps go here.

Three nieces are visiting us a few weeks this summer. Two of them like to sew and they each made reversible tote bags. Pictured is the tote made by the youngest girl. The DC super hero print, Super Girl, Bat Woman and Wonder Women, and the patriotic lining fabric came from Walmart. We used two pieces of outer fabric cut 13.5" x 12", two pieces of lining fabric cut 13.5" x 12", two pieces of fusible fleece cut 13.5" x 12", two pieces of fabric for the handles cut 22" x 4" and two pieces of fleece cut 1" x 22" to go inside the handles. 1.5" squares cut from the bottom corners of the outer fabric, lining fabric and the fleece gave the bags square bottoms.
The girls did a great job! Careful cutting, consistent seam widths. They did all the sewing and the cutting after I showed them how to use the rotary cutter and healing mat. I'm very proud of the girls and their reversible tote bags. Next time we'll add pockets!
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