Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 RSC May Green Week 2, String Blocks and a Doll Quilt

I have lots of green scraps and stash. Pictured are two 36-patch blocks, seven green string blocks, a green crayon block and a super scrappy pot holder. I have lots of 16-patch green blocks from 2016 RSC. To see what others made with green scraps go here.
Also pictured are colorful string blocks, the beginning of a string block quilt. 2" blue strings are the centers and 1.5" colorful scrappy strings finish the blocks. 7.5" squares cut from a phone book are their foundations. I'll keep making colorful string blocks until I see what a 8x10 block layout looks like .... Mindless sewing. This is fun.

Here is a little doll quilt made with nine 6.5" blocks using red 2.5" centers surrounded with 1.5" wide strings.
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