Saturday, February 16, 2019

2019 RSC February Yellow Week 2, 16-Patch, String Blocks, Crayons, Hot Pads, Ebenezer Blocks

February's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color is YELLOW.  Pictured are eight 16-patch blocks, ten string blocks with an odd color string, and three hot pads. I want to make a RSC crayon quilt smaller than the one I made last year and I like the crayon quilt pattern by Emily Herrick called "Color Me" found here. Pictured above are two long string blocks, one for my red crayon and one for my yellow crayon. I'm also working on a scrappy quilt using our quilt guild's Ebeneezer quilt pattern. Pictured are red and yellow 6.5" squares and red and yellow 6.5" square 4-patch blocks for that quilt. To see what others made with yellow, go here.

I'm working on Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for several quilt this year and felt the need for a list to reference once in awhile. Some quilt projects listed below were started last year and I hope to finish them this year. Several projects listed are new. No problem if I don't finish all of them this year. I'll work on them next year.
Yes. I have a lot of scraps, but if I want to pull fabric from my stash, I do. My stash is pretty scrappy.
My list.
1. An Eye of God block quilt. I have blocks left from last year, but not enough for a quilt.
2. A house block quilt. I have house blocks left from last year, but not enough for a quilt
3. A 16-patch block quilt. So many possibilities with a stack of 16-patch blocks. Love me a stack of colorful 16-patch blocks.
4. A string block quilt using strings with an odd color string in each blocks.
5. A 49-patch block quilt.
6. A Growing Up Odd quilt larger than the Growing Up Odd baby quilt I made last year.
7. A quilt using blocks made with eighteen 2"x 3.5" pieces. I made some blocks last year, but not enough for a quilt
8. A crayon quilt. I made a large one last year. The crayon quilt I want to make this year will be smaller and similar to the "Color Me" crayon quilt by Emily Herrick
9. A sprout quilt. Seems everyone is making sprout blocks, so I'm jumping in, too.
10. Angela's 2019 Sampler Quilt. This is going to be fun.
11. Angela's 2018 Sampler Quilt. I have blocks from last year, but not enough for a quilt.
12. A Birch Tree block quilt. Looks like fun.
13. An Ebenezer pattern quilt with blocks in seven rainbow colors.
14. Hot Pads in each rainbow color for Christmas gifts.
15. Teeny Tiny coin purses in each rainbow color for Christmas gifts.
16. Knit dishcloths in each color for Christmas gifts.
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