Friday, July 26, 2019

2019 RSC July Pink RSC "Fractured Light" String Block Quilt Finished

I continue to sew my RSC blocks together into quilts. This works for me because November and December are busy with Christmas sewing. Above is the quilt using RSC string blocks with one odd color string in each block. I'm calling it RSC Fractured Light. Fractured Light for short. It's quilted with a loose free motion meander and finished at 58" x 79". I like it.
To see what others made with scraps, go here Saturday morning.

Pictured are a few donation doll quilts that I turned in during a previous quilt guild meeting.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

2019 RSC July Pink, 2"x3.5" Piece RSC Quilt Finish, Growing Up Odd Quilt Finish

The RSC color this month is PINK. I like pink. Needing to start turning RSC accumulating blocks, into something, I pulled my blocks made with 2"x 3.5" pieces, make six  blocks with purple to make this RSC throw quilt that I call Sew Scrappy Rainbow. It's quilted with a meander and finished at about 54"x 72".

I also pulled my Growing Up Odd RSC blocks, make some additional blocks with other colors to finish this quilt I call Whimsically Growing Up Odd. It's quilted with a free motion meander and finished at about 64" x 82". The free pattern tutorial for this block is at
To see other RSC projects go to

The last three quilts I have made are wavy, not flat and don't hang nicely. Though I did a lot of pressing and measuring during construction, flat quilt tops didn't happen. Sewing and quilting tips would be appreciated. Question. Can a professional quilter with a quilting machine turn a quilt that doesn't lay flat into a flat quilt?
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