Friday, May 24, 2019

2019 RSC May Orange Blocks, Baby Quilt, Doll Quilts

Lots of ORANGE RSC fun this month. Pictured above is a Growing Up Odd group of blocks, an Eye of God block, six orange house blocks, five blocks made with 2" x 3.5" pieces, a crayon block, ten string blocks and two pot holders.

More orange fun. Pictured are two 49-patch blocks and eight 16-patch blocks. Finished up two colorful doll quilts to donate at this month's quilt guild meeting.

There was some playing catch up with Turquoise blocks. I needed a turquoise Eye of God block and six house blocks. I cut some more 6.5" squares and made some 6.5" 4-patch blocks in orange and turquoise. Three pot holders made it into the picture. To see what others made with orange go here.

I needed a quick baby quilt for a gift. So I pulled 6.5" blocks cut for another project and sewed them together for this cute baby quilt.  It's quilted with a free motion meander and finished at about 44" x 52".
I love having blocks cut and made up in advance that can quickly and easily be turned into baby quilts.
Chicken Update!

The big girls.

And the little girls.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2019 RSC April Aqua and Turquoise Blocks and New Chicks

It's spring and there is a lot going on at my place. I love turquoise and have a good collection of scraps, squares and strips. Pictured are ten string blocks and nine 16 patch blocks.

And more blocks. Pictured are two 49 patch blocks, one growing up odd set of blocks, one crayon block strip, five blocks made with 2" x 3.5" pieces, and four green string blocks. To see what others did with aqua and turquoise go here.

I donated these doll quilts at our last quilt guild meeting.

And now for some chick news.
I bought these little chicks when they were a few days old. Now they are about seven weeks old. They have been outside in their little coup for a few weeks and they love it. They are Ameraucanas, friendly, don't mind confined spaces and will lay blue eggs.

I bought these chicks a few weeks ago for a quarter each. I think the two largest chicks are two weeks older than the black and white chicks. The gold chick may be a week older . I've always felt that I may have three ages of chicks here. Any way. The gold colored chicks are Golden Sex Link chickens and the two black and white chicks are Barred Rock chickens. For now, the larger chicks seem to protect the small chicks. They all will lay brown eggs.
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