Saturday, February 29, 2020

2020 RSC February Orange Week 5

The last week in February and I have more orange blocks to share. March is going to be fun with teal,. Turquoise for me. Love that color. Pictured above are orange chickens, 81-patch orange blocks and a couple Eye of God blocks. To see what others made with orange, go here

Monday, February 17, 2020

2020 February Orange Week 3

Love playing with orange. Pictured are six 16-patch blocks, ten string blocks, a soul searching block and a bear paw block.

More orange and one green block! Pictured are two crayon blocks, nine orange fish, two shoe fly blocks, two birds in the air blocks, a star block and two 36-patch blocks.
To see what others made with orange, go here.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

RSC 2020 February Orange, Still Working On Green Blocks

February's RSC color of the month is ORANGE. I love orange. I spent my time finishing up green blocks, but have pulled some orange for orange blocks.
Pictured are two large green chicken blocks, seven fish blocks, two birds in the air blocks, two shoe fly blocks, a bear paw block, a soul searching block and two star blocks. The chickens are a Lori Holt pattern from her book, Farm Girl Vintage. The fish blocks are a Jenny Dorn Missouri Star Calendar Pattern.

Pictured above are ten green string blocks for a second Fractured Light quilt. Also pictured are eight 64-patch blocks made with 1.5" blocks. I plan to play more with green, but basically, I'm ready for orange. To see what others made with green and orange fabrics, go here.

This little girl can dance! Her name is Grace Thomas and I found her video on YouTube.  Enjoy!
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